Little Fox is a boutique marketing agency that focuses on business growth for our clients. 


Our name comes from watching how a small fox managed to thrive right in the middle of London, England.

That fox was smart.

He did more with less.

He was so clever that he made it in a rapidly changing world.

Little Fox is a marketing agency with personality, and it shows in our work.


Other marketing agencies don’t have creative copywriters and designers on staff — just account managers and sales teams.

At Little Fox, the creative side of advertising is just as important as the strategy and we mean business on the execution side of things.  

You're a skilled business owner.

We are natural-born growth experts. Let us help you market to your niche in ways that you never thought of.

Running a business should be fun and contribute to your lifestyle. So many businesses just need to find the right people to service... and that's where we come in.



A Boutique Experience:

You won’t get lost in the mix. We give your business the personal attention it deserves, with a direct line of contact to our CEO.


You know what you get, from pricing to management to results. We don’t sugarcoat anything for our clients. If we don’t think you’re a fit for what we do, we won’t waste your time. 

Full Creative Team:

Our imaginative copywriters, designers have the skills to turn your bootstrap business into an influential brand.


We help action-takers that are serious about growing. When you bring in Little Fox you better be ready to handle more clients than you have before. Your success is our... literally with our performance-based packages our incentives and your business growth are directly linked. We're here to make money with you.


If Chris O’Brien knows anything it’s how to launch and grow businesses.

An entrepreneur at heart Chris O has been in the game right from the start. He was reselling candy in grade school, running successful events at University, then growing a string of startups. 

As an Australian-born product owner, copywriter, marketer, and sales consultant, Chris blends his unique experience from a career in advertising, startups, software, and sales to do what he finds most rewarding: taking businesses "up and to the right".

He started in digital marketing in 2006 (that’s when Facebook was just getting started) Chris has always focused on the world's top marketing platforms.

He moved on to become a product manager for a national pharma tech start-up… capturing 50% market share in record time. Another experience high light was his time portfolio managing for Australia’s largest and most prestigious marketing agency. 

With almost 2 decades of marketing and growth management experience under his belt, Chris is a veteran in online strategy from the early internet and into the new age.

Throughout his career, he’s worked with global brands and small businesses alike. 


Little Fox exists to deliver clever marketing to businesses that want to stand out in the digital world.

We’re out to change the way digital marketing agencies do business.

We’re here to inspire the inspired; to help the budding entrepreneurs, the big-time businesses, and everything in-between.

We communicate in plain English and we pride ourselves on our quality and results. 

Transparency. Creativity. Efficiency.

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